Becoming President of McBrain


Let's start with a little bit of fantasy: imagine that your brain is a big company. We'll call it the McBrain Company. McBrain workers come in all types and do their individual best to fulfil their different tasks. As the proud president of this tremendous company, you are responsible for everything concerning your employees, especially their well-being. It's a huge responsibility, but you do it every day!

Using the SSC method, you can easily decide which way you want to go and how you want to get there.

To make sure that McBrain functions the way you want it to, you select your resources and employees carefully. You make sure that everybody knows what to do, and you provide training when they need it. After a while, McBrain functions well and you decide to enhance a few things. You reconsider your goals.

Before you decide which direction to take, you evaluate what works within the company and whether any issues need your attention. After you list everything, you sit down and create a business plan detailing what to improve and how to improve it, and then you get started. But, wait—you've never made a business plan before and don't know where to start. Don't worry—the following method should help you out!

The "SSC" Method

First, take time to celebrate what you've already achieved. Sit back, think about what you're proud of, relax and enjoy your accomplishments, big or small!

Next, think of what you can or want to improve. Maybe you want to adjust McBrain's growth goals or increase the leadership skills of your executives. The SSC management technique can help. SSC stands for STOP-START-CONTINUE. The SSC technique is used to improve all kinds of business components, such as communication between teams, identifying the goals of individual team members, and so on. It can also be a useful tool to help you reflect on or improve your personal life.

Back to Reality

Using the SSC method helps you to identify your concerns, expectations and boundaries. It's easy to use and is a very effective way to learn what obstacles and conflicts are keeping you from performing at your best and reaching your goals.

Your brain is as trainable as the McBrain Company. Are you ready to start improving yourself?

Let's look at how you can apply the SSC method to your personal life and goals.

  • STOP
    What's not working in your approach? What thoughts keep you from doing what you want to do? What behavior keeps you from reaching your goals? You know you need to STOP some practices/thoughts/behaviors in order to achieve your goals.

    What has stopped you so far? What is it exactly that you want to STOP? List three things that you should STOP doing in order to achieve your goals.

    Undoubtedly, there are things you want to do or achieve, but you just haven't done them yet, or don't know how to do them. Where do you START? When do you want to START? How willing are you to create new habits?

    List three things that you should START doing to achieve your goals/ improve your behavior.

    Some things you do in life just feel naturally right, as if they were supposed to be that way. Doing them energizes you and leaves you ready to do more.

    What habits do you like? What are you currently doing that you want to CONTINUE? List at least three.

President of Your Brain

Improve your brain like you improved the McBrain Company as their president! Using the SSC method, you can easily decide which way you want to go and how you want to get there.

Just be honest and kind to yourself, and try to improve the things on your list, one item at a time.

Slowly making changes over time will allow you to get things done, improve your (management) skills and generally improve your quality of life.